Steffen Eyhorn
Steffen is a TU Berlin-trained electrical engineer with 3 years of experience in R&D, lean prototyping and technology development for energy access.
Mariana Daykova
Mariana has 4 years of experience in studying and meeting end-user energy device and service preferences in developing economies such as Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Cambodia. She got her education in leading European business schools and has specialized extensively in climate and energy issues.
Setu Pelz
Setu has 5 years of experience working in the renewable energy sectors of both developed and developing economies. He has mechanical engineering and business management background and is currently pursuing a PhD studying energy transition pathways in developing economies.
Tobias Koops
Tobias is an embedded engineer with 1 year of experience in lean prototyping during which he was the main software and hardware developer of a monitoring and data analytics device for renewable energy access in developing economies.