Ant.home – the modular open DC nanogrid

The Ant.nanogrid integrates any low-power DC device, be it solar panels, batteries or appliances like LED lights, smartphones, laptops up to small refridgerators or water pumps. All of these devices can be plugged into the nanogrid using the Ant.socket as a gateway, which consists basically of an digitally controlled DC/DC-converter with certain control features to stabilize the nanogrid. The nanogrid established through the interconnection of these sockets can be modularly upgraded whenever the user needs to, for example by adding more PV panels to power more appliances.

The target audience for this are on the one hand makers who are keen to experiement with solar energy and build their own solar-powered home nanogrid, for whom the Ant.socket becomes something of „the Arduino for nanogrids“.

On the other hand, the target audience is based in developing economies, where the Ant.socket enables local initiatives to offer modularly growing solar-home-systems where upgrades are over-the-counter-affordable for the user with the energy demand usually growing over time.

A simple, open, integrative platform for modern energy access

  • Create your first Ant.home network with the starter kit
  • Expand your network with any type of solar panel or battery
  • Plug in all your existing DC appliances from any supplier

If you want to have a look at the actual hardware design, check out our Gitlab repository.